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On the same page: Writing killer resumes & more - Shared screen with speaker view
Michelle Boucher (she/her)
College to career: https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/careers/college-to-career.html
Michelle Boucher (she/her)
Great advice from Dr. Carroll (another UPAB member): Resumes should only include information from High School in your freshman and sophomore year of college. Junior year of college and beyond should not include HS info on your resume.
Jeziel Rodriguez
Thank you!
Michelle Boucher (she/her)
Dr. Emory is covering this question (re: projects) in a few minutes - great question
Amanda Carroll
You can break your experience and/or skills down into relevant (those directly related to the positions you're applying for) or other (those that are important but may not directly relate to the position) sections.
Michelle Boucher (she/her)
Thanks, Dr. Carroll! Yes - a great way to separate out your skills. And, as Dr. Emory suggests, you may end up moving things up and down that list as you apply for different positions/schools (some skills may be relevant to one position and not another)
Michelle Boucher (she/her)
It's okay, it's actually great, to have different versions of your resume!
Amanda Carroll
Your resume is one way to show off your written communications skills, so make sure to carefully proofread it and check for errors!
Michelle Boucher (she/her)
Article from the slide: https://inchemistry.acs.org/content/inchemistry/en/careers/industrial-resume-mistakes.html
Michelle Boucher (she/her)
Article from the slide: https://inchemistry.acs.org/content/inchemistry/en/careers/volunteering-on-resumes.html
Michelle Boucher (she/her)
Thank you everyone for being part of this webinar! Thank you Claudia and Steve for all your help!
Allie Walker
Thank you for hosting!