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Chemical signaling and imaging - Shared screen with speaker view
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Laura Kiessling
Please add questions to the chat.
Katie Mouzakis (she/her)
Thank you for the excellent talk, Candace! This is such an awesome application with NMR. With the long term traumatic brain injuries, are there still residual differences in temperature when enough time has passed to heal, but the patient it still left with permanently damaged tissue? It seems like such a nice way to capture residual damage if it remained. Thank you also for sharing what worked and didn’t for your lab with DEI, it was incredibly valuable.
Arslan Akbar
thank you for a nice talk
Oliver Thorn-Seshold
Thankyou for a super talk Candace and for being so upfront with DEI! I wanted to know, are there imaging probes that can be administered to functionally report on brain injury by chemically binding or reacting in damaged areas in any useful way? or are we kind of “stuck” with imaging endogenous species?
Jaydeep Basu
The fact that change in chemical shift difference between water and a particular metabolite gives us a idea of temperature changes in brain, will it not be affected by the fact that water and other metabolites do have interactions among themselves?
Virendra Meena
Very nice talk on MRS, so I would like to ask in a model of TBI, does the brain tissue switches to anaerobic respiration to produce lactate to cope up with injury impact?
Lou Charkoudian
Really enjoyed this talk. Thank you, Candace!
Pavel Kielkowski
Thank you for great talk. Does have the PLD enzymes some other catalytic activity e.g. exonuclease? Is it possible that the trasnphosphatidylation can be linked to Alzheimer disease? Thank you!
Katie Mouzakis (she/her)
Fantastic talk, Jeremy!! Are there lipid moving enzymes that the IMPACT method be applied to? It seems like a great way to learn about the kinetics of lipid transport and localization throughout the cell.
Katie Mouzakis (she/her)
(Other than PLD*)
Virendra Meena
Great talk, do you think PLD could be having role in cell morphology transitions?
Lou Charkoudian
Very cool talk and research program. Thank you, Jeremy!
Anneliese Gest
Excellent talk, thank you!
Katie Mouzakis (she/her)
Wonderful talk, Oliver!
Katie Mouzakis (she/her)
Can you expand on how different the probe is for the Trx enzyme vs. its regular substrate? Was it also a cyclic disulfide (I may have missed it).
Lou Charkoudian
Thank you, Oliver!! Excellent talk!
Laura Kiessling
Please put questions in the chat.
Willie Vann
Does this probe react with sugars or oligosaccharides to generate fluorescence?
Katie Mouzakis (she/her)
Great talk, Ozlem! It’s wonderful that you can get so many students involved. I know you didn’t talk about this, but have you considered integrating this research into some of the courses you are teaching? I suspect that would increase access to even more students and benefit your research too.
Lou Charkoudian
Great talk, Ozlem! So wonderful to see what you are able to do with your undergraduate students! It seems that some of your probes are similar in structure to iron chelators/pro-chelators used to study/mitigate metal-promoted oxidative stress. Do you think your probes might alter the local iron concentration?
Jennifer Heemstra
Thank you to Candace, Jeremy, Oliver, and Ozlem for fantastic talks - so much exciting research!!!
Lou Charkoudian
Thank you! :)
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