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Enzyme inhibitors and probes - Shared screen with speaker view
Dennis Liotta
Please send your questions to the chat box.
ricardo furlan
Where those stimulator molecules discovered by HTS? Or how did you designed them?
Laura Kiessling
Have you thought about using small molecule regulators of ubiquitylation in concert with yours?
Jetze Tepe lab
Have you looked at differences in cleavage patterns of IDPs with different activators which favor activation of specific cleavage sites?
Laura Kiessling
Cool work Nir. Does your strategy work for covalent inhibitors beyond those reactive with thiolates?
Katie Mouzakis (she/her)
Excellent talk! This may be a naive question, but the methacrylimides seem like a great way to deliver a prodrug to a cell that specifically up regulates a specific protein and the drug, once free because it was a leaving group, can act on something else. Is this what the drugs you were just showing us do? Do you think this would be a practical approach to targeting proteins that you can’t covalently modify?
Oliver Thorn-Seshold
Great talk Nir! Can you quantify the difference it makes, moving from covalent-irreversible to covalent-reversible PROTACs? Are there advantages that would outweigh differences in ADME in an in vivo setting?
Stephan Hacker
Perfect. sure thing. still surprised that there is not a higher number of participants at this series
Seino Jongkees
binding of these glycosaminoglycans is typically based on the presentation of sulfation patterns. The click assembly would likely perturb the spacing in the presentation of this pattern. Why did you choose a disaccharide as the building block for this approach?
Katie Mouzakis (she/her)
Thank you for the awesome talk, Jia! I really enjoyed learning about your strategies to build trust with the students. I hadn’t considered the expectations of students expecting a senior faculty member teaching them before, and I think that is on point and would be especially hard if you are an early career assistant professor in a department filled with very senior colleagues. The changes you made were effective and clearly helped the students, they are really lucky to have you!
Laura Kiessling
Great talk. Follow on to Seino’s question, have you compared the different approaches of generating ligands for heparan sulfate-binding proteins. I think your approach offers more diversity in terms of sequence but wondering if you have seen that yet.
Ozlem Dilek
It was a great talk Jia! I totally agree with you on the challenges you have during your teaching. Thanks for sharing with us.
Laura Kiessling
Also Jia and Katie—kind of you to think it but I doubt that students trust senior colleagues more. Maybe senior colleagues have just become more calibrated about what students struggle with. Anyway—young faculty are awesome for the students (maybe their standards are higher).
Katie Mouzakis (she/her)
I think it can be scary to be flexible and adaptable in your first year of teaching too because you don’t want to get metaphorically run over by students, so that may be why their is an expectation mismatch too.
Katie Berry (Mt Holyoke College)
^^ finding that balance between confidence and openness to feedback is the key, and it often takes a couple iterations to find it.
Michael Beck
I agree Laura, it would be interesting to measure student trust in the instructor on their perception of their learning.
Jia Niu
Thanks a lot Katie, Ozlem and Laura for the feedback. I was a bit intimidated to share the teaching part but so glad to hear the feedback!
Tomasz Pawlak
Fantastic presentation. You've mentioned variability in data. Do you think it's due to the biology, or is it maybe the instrument? Thank you.
Laura Kiessling
This is a neat spin off that has parallels with Eric Strieter’s work. Wondering how similar your labeling conditions are to his. Sounds like you have optimized a lot.
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Laura Kiessling
Fantastic talks and thanks to the speakers for sharing their cool science.
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