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Biomolecular assemblies - Shared screen with speaker view
Jen Heemstra (she/her)
Beautiful talk! Do you think that changing the PAR length of your photoaffinity probe would impact which protein binding partners are most enriched?
Charlotte Fare
typically PAR is only found as PARylated substrates (not on its own) - do you think this would affect what you see with FUS?
Carsten Schultz
Great work! Can you outcompete the crosslink probe with a non-crosslink probe?
Great talk Anthony! Do you think there are privileged RNA binding domains that bind to PAR?
Katie Mouzakis (she/her)
Excellent talk, Kristen! Can you speculate more on the functional consequences of a loss in ribosome decoding fidelity when pseudouridine is incorporated into a mRNA codon? Could this be a way to regulate the synthesis of functional protein isoforms?
Jen Heemstra (she/her)
Very cool work! With the positional effect of m1psU on Ile incorporation, do you think this is due to different alternative base pairing preferences across the codon or more global structural effects (or something else)?
Charlotte Fare
are there any sequence motifs that are preferentially modified with m1psU or any other mRNA mods?
Avery Tytla
Fascinating talk! I wanted to ask, do you think uridine modifications could be used as a tool to improve the incorporation of non-canonical amino acids either in vitro or in vivo? Has anyone explored that intersection?
Jose Rodriguez-Martinez
Great talk. Can we learn enough of the aa substitution rules to rationally design mRNA vaccines that generate protection against a collection of potential variants?
Suja Jagannathan
Great work, Kristen. Have you or others looked for the effect of a pseudouridine at stop codons?
Chuan He
Very nice Kristin!
Jen Heemstra (she/her)
Yes - I love that mission statement, Kyle!!
Oyelekan Ajiboye
Building the people that would do the work. Great concept, Kyle
Charlotte Fare
do these gels change their biophysical properties over time (either on their own or in the presence of growing cells)? other biomolecular hydrogels (e.g. those formed by proteins associated with neurodegenerative diseases) can mature/harden - if these do not, what is maintaining the structure of these hydrogels?
Molly Shoichet
Nice presentation - Would an acidic environment cause the gel to fall apart? And can you inject through a small gauge needle into tissue? Somewhere else?
Jen Heemstra (she/her)
Fantastic talk on both science and DEI!! Science question: does shearing through the syringe change the assembly morphology? DEI question: what do you think is the most impactful practice in your lab to create an inclusive environment for researchers?
Shuo Qian
Great work and the programs! I am wondering how easy for those peptides can to enter cell, or how they change cell membrane permeability?
Katie Mouzakis (she/her)
Very interesting work, Kyle!! In regards to your educational efforts, I only recently learned that undergraduate research students can legally be paid with work study funds and think UVA might be one of the few places that’s figured out who to do this. Would you mind sharing a little more about what stakeholders at UVA were critical in establishing the program (if you know)? I am still at the stage of identifying who at my institution actually has the power to create a similar program.
Debbie Crans
Nice talk and outlook - very stimulating and inspiring
Anthony Leung
Interesting talk! Is DUX4 in the aggregate that co-stains with eIF4A3? Also Are other NMD factors co-localized there?
Jen Heemstra (she/her)
Fantastic work! Is it known whether RNA modifications near the NMD site impact the NMD pathway?
Katie Mouzakis (she/her)
Excellent work, Suja! Do you think NMD inhibiting viral proteins would cause a similar cascade in mRNA metabolism miss-regulation?
Charlotte Fare
are RNA-binding proteins with low-complexity domains particularly vulnerable to NMD? and, does the nascent polypeptide of the translating RBP interact with RBPs bound to its own transcript downstream, and does this affect NMD?
Debbie Crans
Nice presentation! Do you think that there may be any importance to nuclear uptake for the action? For example - with regard to RNA modification
Kristin Koutmou
Wonderful talk - I really enjoyed it! I have two quick questions: 1) You mentioned when you answered the first question that DUX4 is localized in the the nucleus. Do you have a mechanism for how it modulates NMD - which requires the ribosome (and therefore must take place in the cytoplasm)? 2) Maybe I missed it, but I was curious if DUX4 also impacts normal translation termination?
Molly Ferns
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Molly Ferns
Thank you all for joining us!
Monica Arroyo
Thank you for an excellent seminar
Feisal Khoushab
Thank you